“For as many of you as have been baptized into Christ have put on Christ.” - Galatians 3:27 

The Gift of Baptism

Baptism is a public declaration of your personal commitment to Jesus Christ! 

We are excited about this momentous occasion and look forward to walking with you on your spiritual journey. Getting baptized is a time of celebration. Please bring your friends and family with you so we can celebrate together.

The Fountain Church celebrates baptism with a special worship service. We encourage all persons who are interested in getting baptized to register today.

THE NEXT BAPTISM DATE:   Sunday, October 29, 2023
TIME: 9:45 am (Baptism candidates are asked to arrive by 8:45 am.)
LOCATION: The Fountain Church (4601 NW 167th Street, Miami Gardens, FL 33055)



Question: What is baptism, and do I need to do it?
Answer:  Baptism is your public declaration of your inward faith. Baptism itself is not an act that gets us into heaven––it is faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord that offers that assurance. Baptism is an acceptance of the gift of grace offered by Jesus Chris. Following His example, we are completely immersed in water to symbolically wash away the old to make room for the new!

Question: Who is supposed to get baptized?
Answer: Every follower of Jesus who has accepted Him as their Savior should be baptized.

Question: Is there an age requirement to get baptized?
Answer: Baptism is a personal decision. Therefore, you need to be old enough to make a whole-hearted decision to do it! We recommend you be five years or older.

Question: Will I get totally wet?
Answer: Yes! At The Fountain, we practice baptism by full immersion in water – meaning you are going to get soaked!

Question: Once I’m all signed up, is there anything I should do or bring?
Answer: Yes, invite all of your friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors to celebrate with you. Please see the "Checklist of Items to Bring."



Please dress in black or very dark colored clothing that you do not mind getting wet. Most people wear dark shorts or pants and a dark t-shirt. You will also need to bring sandals or flip flops to walk around in before and after the baptism. Changing facilities will be available for you to change before service and after the baptism.

  • Dark t-shirt and dark modest shorts
  • A full change of clothes
  • Large towel (for drying off)
  • Flip-flops, sandals or water shoes
  • Pony tail holder (if you have long hair)
  • Toiletries or other personal items (for after the baptism)
  • A small plastic bag or sack for your wet clothes

Remember you will be completely immersed in water, so plan appropriately when doing your makeup and hair.

Register for Baptism