Small Groups

Stay Connected!  Join a Small Group

FALL 2021 Term: September 12th - November 20th

Small Groups are small gatherings of fun people who connect weekly to study scripture, spend time together and grow as human beings.  Led by trained facilitators, the duration of each gathering is about one hour. 

The 2021 Fall term for Small Groups begins the week of September 12th and ends the week of November 14th. If you value growth, friendship, and loyalty, you need a small group and a Small group needs you!
How do I find a Small Group?

There are 3 Types of Small Groups:

  1. Growth - Helps you get a deeper understanding of God's word (sermon-based)
  2. AMP3 - Helps you amplify your purpose, passion and power
  3. eXcel - Helps you to advance your leadership

To find a Small Group, scroll down to the group finder area below. Select the menu option that applies to you. View the available groups based on your selection. Then click "JOIN" to sign up.

If you have any questions about groups or would like help finding or starting a Small Group, please contact the Angelica Blakely, the Small Groups Pastor, at .