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JAN 13 - FEB 9

Growth Groups are the hub of our ministry. A Growth Group is a small group fellowship made up of 10-20 people at various stages of life who meet weekly to share, study, and support one another. Joining a Growth Group requires an 4-week commitment. Each group is led by a trained leader and host. Growth Groups meet at varying nights of the week in homes, offsite locations, and at church. An average meeting lasts for an hour and a half, followed by light refreshments. Few things in life are free and Growth Groups are no exception! The cost of Growth Groups is the cost of commitment!

If you value growth, friendship, and loyalty, you need a Growth Group and a Growth Group needs YOU!

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Brown Girls with Purpose -  We learn how to present ourselves as young ladies of excellence, build and encourage positive self-esteem,  and how to interact with other young ladies. (HYDRO/TEEN GIRLS, Interest based group)

Fabulous and Faithful Growth Group – We are fabulous, faithful and over forty-five. We are a very diverse group of women who connect in many ways spiritually and socially.  (Women’s Adult Bible study group)

Faith Cafe Growth Group - A group of diverse women trusting the Lord and doing life together. (Women’s Young Adult, Adult Bible study group) 

Forever Saved - To assure all believers that they are forever saved because of their belief in Jesus Christ. (Mixed Adult, Bible study group) 

Intentional Love - Join us and grow spiritually intimate with your spouse and take your love for God and each other to a new place (Married/Couples, Young Adult, Adult Bible study group)

Massay Growth Group - An experienced Growth Group that intensely studies, prays, and encourages one another to overcome hindrances or obstacles to spiritual growth. (Mixed Adult, Bible study group) 

Meeting at the Well - A high-energy young at heart group who through friendship have developed a better understanding of the scripture. (Mixed Adult, Bible study group)

MVP Growth Group - We create an environment where men are edified, equipped, and encouraged to grow in the knowledge of God to become disciples of Jesus Christ. (Men’s, Adult Bible study group)

One Flesh Growth Group - We grow spiritually through study, learning and developing deeper relational connections through sharing the powerful experiences with other couples. (Married/Couples, Young Adult, Adult Bible study group)

Perfecting Couples Growth Group - This is a powerful place for mature married couples to experience meaningful connections with one another. (Married/Couples, Young Adult, Adult Bible study group)

Prayer Growth Group - We are committed individuals whose purpose is to uphold the Pastor and the church through intercessory prayer, supplication and service until the work is complete and our Lord returns. (Bible study group)

 Purpose Driven Women Growth Group - The ladies of PDW are driven by a yearning desire to serve God, Knowing that HE only wants the very best for us. (Women’s Young Adult, Adult Bible study group) 

Seekers of the Word Growth Group -  This is a close group that treasures sharing and applying the word of God with each other.  Our goal is to share with anyone who is interested in becoming a Disciple of Christ. (Mixed Young Adult, Adult, Bible study group)

Sons of God Growth Group - We study God’s Word and encourage one another to be men of God at home, work, and church.  We participate in worship, pray for one another, and fellowship together. (Men’s, Young Adult, Adult Bible study group) 

Staying Connected - This is an extraordinary group for college students and recent college graduates within the past 2 years. Our mission is to explore how to navigate college and the years following graduating while maintaining our relationship with Jesus Christ. Join us as we get plugged into God's promises, purpose, and plans for our lives. (Young Adult) 

The 3rd Strand Growth Group - Through study, discussion, and practical application of God's word, we assist married couples to strengthen and reflect upon marriage experiences.  (Married/Couples, Adult Bible study group)

The C.R.E.W - The C.R.E.W. is brothers and sisters studying the word of God, allowing us to grow in our faith. We desire to know our purpose, to walk and witness that purpose in our daily lives. (Married/Couples, Adult Bible study group)

This Is Us - Couples with young children committed to growing spiritually and building lasting relationships. (Married/Couples, Young Adult, Adult, KID FRIENDLY Bible study group)

Women Builders of Faith - We are a group of women balancing family, life, and work. We ALWAYS place God first, and we use our faith to build, encourage, and support each other. (Women’s Adult Bible study group)