Growth Groups/Prayer Cells

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April 6 - May 3rd


may 18th - june 14th

Growth Groups are small gatherings of fun people who connect weekly to study scripture, enjoy snacks, spend time together and grow as human beings.  Led by trained facilitators, the duration of each gathering is about one hour. See below for prayer cell options.

If you value growth, friendship, and loyalty, you need a Growth Group and a Growth Group needs YOU!

Prayer Cells are groups of people who commit to praying for one another and the community at large 

each night for five minutes. See below for prayer cell options.
How do I find a Growth Group or Prayer Cell that's best for me?

To find a Growth Group or Prayer Cell, scroll down to the group finder box below. Select the menu option that applies to you. Scroll down to view the available groups and prayer cells based on your selection. Then click "JOIN" to sign up.