5 Areas of Holistic Wellness

Practices that build our faith and help us to be aligned with God’s will and purpose
Healthy habits that fulfill the body’s need for physical activity, rest, and good nutrition
The abilities to constructively make good decisions, express emotions, and cope with life challenges
Practices that nurture a healthy community and a well-developed support system
The discipline and wisdom to reach our financial goals and demonstrate a spirit of generosity

Let's get healthy together!

Follow these four easy steps.

You can curate your own experience.
There are options for families, adults, youth and children.
The Fountain Church App can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Plus Store. Once downloaded, create a user account, and tap into the Wellness portal so that you can experience the full spectrum of the Wellness Initiative.
Develop your plan as an individual, or with members of your family. We encourage you to set one goal with key results for each area of wellness. Change takes time. So be sure to show yourself grace, highlight your progress, and have fun.
Sign up and participate in a Wellness Community group, which allows you to share updates, motivational insights, helpful resources, and most importantly, encouragement.
Although it may not be easy, your wellness journey should be a rewarding experience, filled with joy and fun.  Each month, you have an opportunity to enter challenges and earn points for a chance to win prizes.

Join the Abundant Life Wellness Team

This is the team that helps others have healthy lifestyles by planning fun activities and challenges.